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Brian Vance.



As a child Brian was always drawn to technology. Once he figured out how computers talk to each other, he knew this would be his career someday. Someday came rather quickly, as he started his first Technology Consulting business while he was studying at the University of Southern Indiana. PC TLC, Inc. grew from a 1-man home-based business, to an elite team of tech consultants who deliver technical and marketing solutions Worldwide.

Brian enjoys fast motorcycles, grilled meat, and smiling strangely at people for no reason.

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Lindsey Martin.

Client Coordinator

Lindsey is our Client Coordinator. Whether it’s making coffee or calling clients, she goes h.a.a.m.  She can answer a phone like no one else and even writes a little content from time to time.

When not overtasking her coworkers, Lindsey can be found wandering in heavily forested areas, communicating with woodland creatures. Raised by a group of rabid llamas, she most feels at home in nature. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading and getting tattoos.



Sayuz Shakya.

Lead Programmer

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Sayuz moved to the USA for college in 2005. He started as a freelance programmer for our company, and we quickly hired him Full-time as we found his programming skills to be extraordinary.

Sayuz is one of the most dependable people you will ever meet. He enjoys going out with friends on the weekends and spending time outside. While most of his family lives half-a-world away, Sayuz stays in close contact with them.

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